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NS Virtual, as the first, unique event in southeastern Europe on the topic of new interactive technologies, (Virtual and Augmented reality), marked the beggining of development in mentioned topics in region – in Novi Sad on November 15th 2018.


More speakers are yet to be announced, so check back soon

Fresh news from interactive technologies world

  • Oculus Go and Oculus Quest are planned to go on the market in 2019, and during this time we are learning more about the devices themselves..

  • After four years Microsoft introduced us to – HoloLens 2, new mixed reality headset! It has price of 3.500,00 dollars, but it is aimed at businesses and mostly – education. Why is this headset so special?

  • The visuals in VR world are already on advanced level, but using classical controllers, the user still can not “sense” interaction with objects in VR.


Advanced skills connecting business

  • It is a known fact that schools and universities always strive to make their educational programs more interesting and engaging for the students. In this

  • The concept of Virtual Reality is increasingly represented in the world and in our country. However, what many do not know is that it goes

  • As we speak about different “types” of reality, we need to make a clear difference between augmented and virtual one. Both AR and VR are

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