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BeBop Sensors Gloves

The visuals in VR world are already on advanced level, but using classical controllers, the user still can not “sense” interaction with objects in VR.

California based company BeBoop Sensors found the solution to this problem in sensor-coated fabric. The sensores themselves are very flexibile and can be extended, bended and twisted, so they are very suitable for making DataGlove. Their solutions have already been applied in large number of cases, and in 2018 they received The best invention award from the prestigious Times  magazine.

This year, BeBoop introduced an upgraded version of its Dataglove.

A fabric with integrated flexibile sensors that covers the surface of glove and haptic actuators on the top of the fingers make it possible to ‘’sense’’ the weight, shape and the pressure of the objects that user interacts with in VR. Plastic housing of a glove also contains sensors which can provide precise movement measuring in three dimensional space.


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