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>News >Facebook presents new Oculus devices for business

Facebook presents new Oculus devices for business

The biggest giant of social networks, Facebook presented its first Oculus long ago with descriptions of feelings as if you are in the game. The device contains all interesting things like visiting other places, with having different atmospheric depths and heights without leaving your place. Now he finally announced the arrival of new Oculus devices intended for your business. As they say, with Oculus business devices, VR will change your business.

Oculus Go and Oculus Quest are planned to go on the market in 2019, and during this time we are learning more about the devices themselves. Oculus Go is a basic level device that works without a phone or computer who would have to power it. On the other hand, the midrange device is Oculus Quest, which is also standalone, offering higher image quality and control.

Facebook is ready to invest in its efforts to expand interests in broad masses for its devices. We find out as the bad side of the Oculus Go device is that there is no ideal battery holding time and that it lacks the room- tracking capability. But on the other hand, it has a great advantage in complete independence of cables with Wi-Fi connectivity, minimalist design, the ability to own a large number of applications and games, crisp details and vibrant colors.

What is for sure, Oculus Go marks a new era for VR, in which everyone can simply put a headset on the head and immerse themselves in the virtual world. Although it is not perfect, it has a strong attachment, has solid material, excellent visual effects and promises more content.