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There is an increasing number of people who are familiar with the application of Virtual Reality. In addition to being used in the entertainment industry, marketing, sales purposes, it has its increasing contribution to education. Large companies are already using this approach for training their employees and conducting training.

This is precisely because in this extremely innovative and creative way, we give knowledge from the field in which training or some training takes place. By providing a real visual display, we provide multisensor information that is easier to remember. There are other benefits of this kind of training:

  • Saving time
  • Money saving
  • Elimination of potential risks

Also, virtual reality offers the potential for great engagement and experiencing things that can not be or is difficult to present in the real world.

In the military industry, trainings are used to train soldiers, giving realistic situations on the ground, conceiving possible obstacles and problems as well as finding a solution. The application was accepted by all branches – the army, navy and aviation.

In medicine, the application of training is the most common in the field of surgery. Surgeons can have a simulating environment that will give them the ability to learn in a completely realistic way. Also, parts of the bodies that they can not normally access can occur, which is the most common case in neurosurgery. The same is true for medical students. Virtual Medicine is just one of the companies that provide knowledge of anatomy with this approach.

Imagine to create yourself in one moment in ancient Rome or ancient Greece. Or beside Big Ben in London. Putting virtual reality into the education of our youngest, we create education that is longer and easier to remember, better and more interesting with content.

The large trainings that airlines provide to their new employees give them a sense of simulating flights, potential situations, aircraft falls, and in this way they better prepare them for possible situtations.

The Walmart company did the thing a little more interesting and devised a training that uses immersive VR technology to prep employees for dealing with the frenzied holiday shopping experience. Simulations show Walmart associates how the crowds will respond to sale items. Immersive reality users can gauge traffic flow throughout the store, respond to confrontations, and learn how to manage big crowds of rushed shoppers.

Virtual reality allows every possible real situation to be showed without the risks, damages or consequences that are possible in everyday life. That is why VR is the perfect way for any training – because it enables us to create solutions that will save you money and that will benefit your employees.