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>News >Microsoft HoloLens brings more!

Microsoft HoloLens brings more!

After four years Microsoft introduced us to – HoloLens 2, new mixed reality headset!

It has price of 3.500,00 dollars, but it is aimed at businesses and mostly – education.

Why is this headset so special?

First of all, the field of view has been expanded hugely specially in height-wise. This makes visual field a lot more immersive and a lot more useful. By bringing the weight from the front of device to the back makes the headset more comfortable. The refined design also includes just one single band that wraps around the back of your head, instead of having several. Carbon fiber build takes some off some of that weight.

New brow guard is important for the hygiene reasons – either you are using it in hospital or in messy engineer halls. The visor flips up, which makes a lot of sense if you are interacting with other.

Holograms are much prettier, maybe because the field of vision is so much bigger but feels a lot more immersive. Also, they embedded tiny cameras within the nose bridge, which are tracking both, the distance of pupils, and generally, what the eyes are doing.  That technology can also be used for eye tracking and even retina scanning. For example, if you want to log into the system – that means you could kind of share a HoloLens between several people, they put it on, it would recognize your eyes and you would be right into the system with your own user profile.

This headset also can guide you on much more interesting way. It mixes together photos, text based instructions, and crucially, mixed reality holographic arrows.

It really shines when it is showing you things you can not see with you own eyes. The way it shows what is inside of something is what is fascinating.

HoloLens can detect hands, so more actual manipulation with your hands is present. You can be able to extend objects, increase size, decrease size.

With this, Microsoft only scratched the surface. From Microsoft itself, it’s been saying these headsets are tied into its own Azure surfaces, and that means cloud computing, AI, and all those kinds of smarts. It means the computer knows more, it’s smarter – while those cameras are looking at the objects, it doesn’t just see dimensions. It can kind of contextually understand that, say, that’s a sofa, or a table, etc. It’s all called semantic understanding and that’s where the real magic is with mixed reality.


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