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Growth of ‘immersed’ technology

At first seen in the game industry, the possibilities offered by VR were clear and quickly exploited with the games that were launched. What now becomes clearer is that the potential for VR and AR has a large share of enterprises, from marketing to production.

Before moving on to this article, it’s important to mention the main point of the Virtual Reality term, which is to aim to be used as a comprehensive term for the items: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed / Associated Reality (MR).

Much time is spent discussing what VR offers against MS, I believe it is better to focus on the opportunities offered by us and the technology itself will follow. So, I will continue to deal with all these interconnected technologies as Impressive Technologies. They work in two ways:

  1. Technology allows you to immerse yourself in this experience (VR-focused), and
  2. The technology is immersed in the world around you (focused with AR and MR).

Brands should remember that just because Impressive Technologies are new and growing does not mean that the way they approach it should be significantly different from others. Brands need to consider: WHO is their target target, WHO’s business challenge is dedicated, WHERE will be used and WHY they do it.

Impressive technologies allow us to see things that do not exist (eg prototypes) to be immediately transported to another location (eg in a factory that is just in the construction phase) and take us into an environment that would otherwise be forbidden (imagine training in to some great calamity).

In order to understand the true potential of Impressive technologies, we mean things that could only be achieved through VR or AR.

There are 7 points of VR that we see as having an impact on the company's operations:

Training – From Doctors to Oil Workers, VR can offer numerous benefits to industries where they vary factors of cost to health and safety, which greatly inhibit or have rapid implementation.

Product Demonstration – One of the biggest challenges for brands is how to get products into the hands before they become a reality, this is a challenge that is particularly relevant in the automotive industry and the device industry.

Creating prototypes – The ability to create a prototype quickly and cost-effectively, and which can work together, is a development that will result in further product development. Key attributes are quick and simple, and open up huge potential with new approaches that were previously difficult due to any cost, time or both.

Virtual visits – VR gives you the opportunity to explore an environment that was previously unavailable, to visit factories that do not yet exist, or even to reduce the size of the molecules along the way of visiting the human body.

Data visualization – Experience the data in a totally impressive environment can be a bit challenging, because it is an area that requires VR and AR solutions to the limits where our reason and understanding brings us.

Experience through the game – The incoming world of the game in the virtual world can function in many ways, believing the level of immersion in the same. There are elements of this sphere that can be translated into training or training experiences.

Cooperation – An area that will rapidly increase the impact of VR and AR is the opportunity for collaboration, which will further develop the development of social VR applications. HoloLens is currently integrating with Skype, giving us the ability to share our screens and add virtual notes.

If we look at the changes in this field over the past two years, we see the staggering evolution of the Virtual Reality.

Since the first Oculus DK1 has given credibility to VR, the development of mobile VR, AR handset and room scale VR, Impressive technology has taken the level beyond the boundaries.