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X2 – new smart glasses

The ThirdEye team demonstrated the X2 Smart Glasses at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2019.

The X2 MR Glasses push the boundaries of mixed reality hardware. As fully integrated stand-alone 6oz smart glasses boasts a 42-degree field of view, HD resolution, an open source Android operating platform, no wires or tethered packs, a built-in VisionEye SLAM ( Simultaneous Localization and Mapping ) sistem for accurate environment tracking and other sensors.

The  X2 has sleek form & UI allow the user to easily wear it while completing tasks indoors and outdoors. Nick Cherukuri, founder of The ThirdEye said that is was their goal to integrate SLAM into a small glasses form factor because that is the future of making MR Glasses mass produced.

The X2 Smart Glasses run on Android 8.0 creating a platform for the worldwide community of developers to submit AR, VR, and MR applications to the ThirdEye App Store.


You can find more info at: